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Car Accident Injuries Can be More than Neck Pain and Back Pain

Getting into a car accident or motor vehicle accident can be more than a pain in the neck. When someone is involved in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) they can be jostled about in the car, banging their knees against the dashboard, have their neck whip side to side or have their trunk go forward and back with such force, their low back gets thrown out of alignment. After all of that, you have to find the wherewithal to obtain the other driver's information, call 911 to begin the emergency recovery process, and await the tow truck.

You may feel pain right away. Some of the time, it takes a good couple of days for the full symptomology of your accident to manifest. The adrenaline you got after the impact has faded and the aches and pains are getting worse. If you haven't gone to the ER or Urgent Care yet, follow up with your PCP. They can maybe order X-rays for you faster than waiting in the ER. If you are experiencing whiplash symptoms, back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain from the accident, call us and make an appointment, ASAP. The sooner we can get you in and treated, the better the outcome will be.

We have had over 15 years experience helping patients recover from even the worst of car accidents. Our Physical Therapy staff will evaluate your injuries and symptoms, discuss short term and long term goals, and cultivate a treatment plan for you. Our office will handle coordinating the benefits with your PCP, auto insurance, private health carrier if need be. We will try and make this as easy and as less stressful as possible for you. The volume of paperwork from the auto insurance can be intimidating, but we can help you sort them out

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