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Check your foundation!

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

As a homeowner, you are often advised to check the foundation of your home for cracks, leaks, sagging, etc. Experts tell us, fix a crack when it is small, and it will increase the life of your foundation and save you a ton of money in repairs down the road. The same philosophy should be applied to your spine! That wonderful collection of muscles, vertebrae and nerves is the "foundation" of your body.

Small aches, pains, loss of motion, are the minor cracks in your foundation that need to be addressed. A majority of these issues are musculoskeletal in nature and can be corrected relatively easy. In rare cases, these aches and pains can be the indication of something more pressing. We encourage you to follow up with your PCP and get yourself checked out now, before those small aches become bigger issues.

Once at your PCPs office, request an order for physical therapy. Come in and be evaluated by one of our Physical Therapists. We will evaluate your spine, locate the trouble spots and place you in a program that will address the current issues you have. We will also prepare you to better manage your spine after you are discharged. Through home exercise programs, ergonomics, posture re-education and self testing, you will be able to maintain the gains you have made here.

Each patient has a different spine, a different injury, a different way of making a living. We customize the program to fit you. No cookie cutter rehab here. We have flexible scheduling to make coming in for your appointments easier. When you are ready to get those neck, mid back and low back issues resolved, feel free to give us a call. Your spine will thank you!

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