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Personal Injury Physical Therapy

No one wants to be in a car accident. No bigger inconvenience can happen to a person than being involved in a motor vehicle accident "MVA". Whether you were hit or someone hit you or it's a 50/50 situation, if you get hurt, it is important to know that in Massachusetts, regardless of who's fault it is, YOUR auto insurance will still cover your medical costs up to a point. Hence "Personal Injury Protection".

At Physical Therapy of Woburn, we welcome all patients that are injured as the result of a motor vehicle accident and need to use their personal injury protection. Our physical therapy staff is well trained and has had many years of experience dealing with traumatic injuries as the result of a car accident. Your symptoms may present immediately, or they may come a few days after the car crash. We understand that immediately after a motor vehicle accident, you are suddenly tasked with calling your insurance, reporting the accident, filling out an operator's report, going to the auto body shop, renting a car. It's overwhelming.

Maybe you were taken by ambulance right after the automobile crash. Maybe you didn't feel anything at the time of the auto crash, but are feeling your neck and/or your low back tighten and stiffen up. Make sure to follow up with your PCP. Don't hesitate if you have neck pain, whiplash, low back pain, tingling down your arms, tingling down your legs, shoulder pain, knee pain or any other muscle and joint pains from the auto accident, to give us a call right away (781-938-1223).

Neck injuries, Whiplash, Low back injuries and pains can worsen over time if not properly addressed. The muscles and ligaments on and around your spine have been pulled and tugged in every direction. Coming in to Physical Therapy of Woburn will help your spine, it's muscles and ligaments recover quicker and perhaps eliminate any long term damage. Our programs are designed to carefully bring you from the acute phase of you injury and progress you until your symptoms have resolved and you have reached your long term goals.

Personal Injury Physical Therapy, Car Accident Physical Therapy, Whiplash, Low Back Pain, Knee Pain, Shoulder Pain, whatever you want to call it, we at Physical Therapy of Woburn are prepared to help you recover. Call us at 781-938-1223.

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