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Post Season Aches and Pains

Now that the fall season is over, your high school or club athlete could be complaining about sore sore knees, sore hips, sore back, sore shoulders, etc. Regardless the sport, if their is running involved, jumping involved, contact involved, their will be soreness, aches and pain. The aches and pains felt are generally overuse injuries and fatigue. Most of these aches resolve over time.

When should you worry? If the pains last more than a couple of weeks, if their is swelling, if the pain is in one concentrated area. Any difficulty walking, putting shirts on, getting comfortable to sit or sleep, should also raise a flag. Perhaps a trip to their pediatrician for a work up, films, and if warranted, an orthopedic visit.

Should it be determined that the aches and pains need physical therapy, make sure you find a PT clinic that has "Return To Field" programs. You want your child to be placed in a treatment plan that not only helps relieve the symptoms, but also incorporates sport specific exercises and stretches to help your maximize your athlete's recovery.

At Physical Therapy of Woburn, we not only place athlete's in sport specific recovery programs, we teach them to progress that program, so that they can possibly avoid strains, pulls, cramps in the future. Most patient's stay on after their rehabilitation is complete to continue to work on strength, stability, balance, and recovery. Various programs available as well as per visit options.

Call us soon as your PCP or Orthopedic gives your athlete a PT Order. If you want your athlete evaluated by our PT staff for general aches and soreness, we can do that as well. During the initial visit, should we feel it's necessary that your athlete requires Orthopedic intervention, we will place them on hold until further work ups or films are done. As sport seasons roll from one into another, time isn't always n the athlete's side to recover. Let's get that athlete in here soon, so we can begin the healing process.

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