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Show your heart some love this February!

What a better month than February to show your heart some love and attention? The flowers, the candy and the teddy bears are fun to receive on Valentine's Day. However, did you know, that since we started quarantining almost one year ago, the American Heart Association has reported an increase in heart disease, heart attacks, and high blood pressure? With malls closing, gyms and health clubs closing, golf courses closing, families social distancing from each other, the opportunities for prolonged physical activity have been eliminated. Why not let the staff and Physical Therapy of Woburn help you get moving again? If your back is sore, knees feel tired, shoulders and neck muscles are stiff, those are possible signs of muscle atrophy. See your PCP, let them know what is bothering you, and ask for a physical therapy order to come see us. We will evaluate you and place you in the correct program to no only correct what is ailing you, but also getting you moving, so your heart will also feel benefits. Don't wait any longer, you only have one heart, let's take care of it!

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