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Spring Back!

As we enter the spring season, you are looking at your lawn, your flower bed, your shrubs and thinking " I have to get out there and get them ready for the spring and summer". That's fantastic! A beautiful lawn and well trimmed shrubbery makes any house look better!!! Why not put that same enthusiasm into your body as well? Why not have that achy and sore back that's been bugging you all winter looked at? Why not have that shoulder that you threw out shoveling the roof of your car comfortably addressed? Why not have that occasional, but now more frequent, knee twinge you got from kicking the snow blower when it wouldn't start, evaluated?

At Physical Therapy of Woburn, we have a variety of programs designed to help people address their aches and pains. Whether through manual therapies such as massage or soft tissue mobilizations, stretching programs, back school, neck school, electrical stimulation, heat and ice, strengthening programs, we can help address the pains, aches and weakness you may be feeling.

If your pains are on the severe side, contact your PCP first, as imaging may be required. If you choose to come in and see us first, we can let you know if seeing your PCP before starting your program is necessary. Don't put getting those aches and pains looked at and taken care of any longer. Physical Therapy of Woburn wants you to enjoy and be active and outside during the spring and summer seasons!

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